The Perfect Check:OOTD

I have been searching for THE prefect checked trouser in such a long time, but after multiple shopping trips and overuse of the phrase 'they're just not exactly what I want' as if it were stuck on repeat, I finally confessed to maybe I am tad fussy. You know when you just have a… Continue reading The Perfect Check:OOTD


The best way to clean your makeup sponge

We've all been at that point where your makeup sponge looks a bit sorry for itself, but rather than throwing it away and investing in a new one, it is always a good idea to try cleaning it first if it is still in a usable shape. This method of cleaning a makeup sponge has… Continue reading The best way to clean your makeup sponge

How to avoid that post christmas ‘flop’

The lead up to christmas is so full of excitement and anticipation for Christmas day, but after the initial opening of presents, consuming as much food as possible and spending time with family and friends; it can leave you feeling in a bit of a flop. I find the time after Christmas and before New… Continue reading How to avoid that post christmas ‘flop’

CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Stocking Fillers £5 or under

This is the second blog post within my series of Christmas Gift Guides, and this one includes items which are £5 or under but still really cute and quirky. Whether you need a few stocking fillers or a Secret Santa gift idea, I hope I can help! Topshop Invisible hair ties £4.00-These are so useful… Continue reading CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: Stocking Fillers £5 or under


Do you find Christmas shopping a bit of a nightmare? Luckily for you it's my favourite aspect of christmas since I find shopping for others so rewarding! This is the first blog post within a three part series in which I will share some inspiration for christmas gifts you could buy for friends, family or even… Continue reading CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE: £20 and under

Makeup & Skincare Wishlist: Autumn17

Recently there have been some fab new makeup and skincare products that have been released, and I thought I would share the ones which I would love to try. 1.SOPH X REVOLUTION HIGHLIGHT PALETTE I have seen so many positive reviews about this product and this is definitely the top thing on my list. This… Continue reading Makeup & Skincare Wishlist: Autumn17

Gingham Gang:OOTD

At first, I was skeptical about gingham print becoming a leading trend, since it took me right back to the days of when I was in primary school and wearing those little summer dresses (does anyone else remember wearing them?). I also felt like wearing the print might be a bit picnic blanket esque. However,… Continue reading Gingham Gang:OOTD

Exciting updates! 100 Followers & a New Header…THANK YOU

I wanted to write a spontaneous blog post just to share some exciting things that are happening blog and social media wise, but mostly to say THANK YOU! 100 FOLLOWERS-THANK YOU! I hit 100 followers on my blog and I am SO grateful to anyone who takes the time out of their day to read,… Continue reading Exciting updates! 100 Followers & a New Header…THANK YOU

All things Autumn.

Are you a real blogger if you don't get excited for Autumn? I have seen many posts recently sharing excitement and inspiration for Autumn/fall, and autumnal posts are my favourite things to read at the moment. Whether it be fashion, food or photography, they provide some fab inspiration, and just get me pretty darn excited… Continue reading All things Autumn.

Reasons why you ARE good enough

Everyone has down days, even weeks or months. This often leads to questioning yourself and having moments of self-doubt and low confidence. So I feel its important, and especially since I am lucky enough to have my blog to connect with people, to remind you, whoever is reading this, that despite it all, YOU ARE… Continue reading Reasons why you ARE good enough