Lets begin the journey…

Hello! My names Kirsty, I’m 17 and from the UK. I am currently at school studying for my A levels in Textiles, Business and English Literature; I do enjoy school, however its often easy to get caught up in the pressure of achieving good grades and dedicating time to studying rather than taking some time out to do things we are passionate about. For me this is anything fashion, beauty or lifestyle related. In particular, textiles is my favourite subject at school, I am currently considering a career in the fashion industry, but am undecided yet which path to take.

There’s one thing I should say-I am ALWAYS in the mood to shop! I always have a shopping list on the go and am constantly browsing the ‘New In’ pages when online shopping (I must admit that I have been known to online shop at lunchtime during the school day when I am looking to be inspired). In the past few years, I really feel like my confidence has grown in relation to fashion and now I am less conscious of trying to ‘fit in’ with everyone and instead just be myself. I enjoy putting different outfits together and experimenting with different looks which makes me feel confident and good about myself.

I hope that there can be something on here for everyone to enjoy, whether it be discussing my current fashion favourites or somewhere I have visited and wish to share. I enjoy being creative, which is why I have not limited myself to writing purely fashion based posts despite this being my biggest interest, as who knows what experiences and opportunities I may come across to inspire me.

So, here’s to starting my journey out here on the internet. In some ways this whole concept is daunting, but its something which I think I can really use to express myself and be able to share my passion with others.


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