Oh Amsterdam

Personally, city breaks are my favourite kind. I love the excitement of exploring a city in just a short amount of time but still taking in all the sights and culture.  For these type of breaks, it is not just while you are there that gives you the buzz, it is the planning in advance deciding on places to visit and when, in order to squeeze in as much as possible and  get the full experience.  So I thought I would share my experience from when I went to Amsterdam for 4 days.

From London, the flight time to Amsterdam is just 45minutes, making it a stress free and quick flight. Therefore, I would definitely recommend getting a mid-morning flight so you still have the rest of the day to explore, since there is no worry of jet-lag or after flight fatigue (thank goodness).

Bikes, bikes, bikes

As soon as you step out of the airport they are everywhere which provides the perfect, rustic and authentic welcome into the city. There are in fact, more bikes than people since they are the main mode of transport, yet sometimes they can be rather intimidating when walking around with them whizzing past. To quote our very chatty tour guide on our canal tour: “the only thing more dangerous than the canals, is a tourist on a bicycle,”  a statement which I would have to agree with! This leads me on to a side note just to mention how friendly everyone was which made navigating your way round so much easier, phew.

So. Much. Water.

The canals are the most picturesque setting to get those Instagrammable photos and just have a wander round whilst discovering small, hidden streets to venture down. I went to Amsterdam at the beginning of April where the weather was around 13 degrees but the sun was always shining which really showed off the true beauty of the canals. A canal tour is a must, I went one one at around 7pm when it gradually began to get dark and provided a lovely relaxing ambiance.



Keukenhof Tulip Gardens was my favourite day out, especially since the weather was  simply gorgeous. The gardens are a lovely place to have a stroll round and take some lovely photos. There are many cafes around the gardens, making the perfect setting to stop and have a quick break, yet if you are anything like myself, there is no time to waste!IMG_2447

Due to my interest in textiles and art, of course we had to pay a visit to the Van Gogh Museum. I do enjoy  galleries, yet can find them a bit repetitive and sometimes tedious; however this museum was just the right size for a wander and I found it very interesting and feel anyone would even if the are not that into art.

I feel it really would be a crime to visit Amsterdam and not get the iconic photograph with the ‘IAmsterdam’ sign. The one outside the Rijksmuseum has a lovely backdrop with the museum one side and a pond the other. Although, it was a bit like a sprint trying to find a spot which was clear of people, but we got there eventually.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my experience in Amsterdam, it is somewhere I definitely cannot wait to return to in the future!


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