Creativity & what it means to me

Just a short post for today, a sort of, I had a thought and felt like I wanted to share it, kind of post. So I hope it may have some relevance to a few people.

For myself, creativity is synonymous with expression. Being creative is about exploration and experimentation through all kinds of means, using the imagination and influences around us.

Being a textiles student, I find my creativity comes from visiting exhibitions or museums to look at designers’ works and discovering what inner emotions I feel. Similar to many, I find aspects of the natural world allow a whole scope of creativity, especially the unknown and sometimes ambiguity about certain situations that evoke my passion and interest in a particular area. People are encouraged to be open and share, which brings everyone together despite their different ways of being creative. Whether it be in art, fashion, baking, music or even room decor, being able to convey an emotion or message through another means can feel empowering and rewarding. One of the things most important to me is the ability to combine any interests and influences together to form a completely new message or impression. And something which I believe to be very important, is that being creative is not about being ‘artsy,’ it is about allowing yourself to have access to that feeling of letting your ideas free, but also allowing time to develop your concepts, and eventually feel that contentment.

On a final note, to sum up my thoughts…,creativity comes in all forms, has no right or wrong, and has no limits.




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