It’s the little things…Tips and reminders to self-care

Since life can become a bit hectic and busy at times, it is important to remember that above all, spending time on yourself is vital. Obviously we have all heard the usual tips on how to improve your lifestyle; get more sleep, drink more water and doing more exercise, all of which are VERY important and essential, but more often than not we set ourselves goals or promises which are difficult to maintain. Personally, I am not a goal-setter, since I find it demotivating when I slip off track, so instead I like to do a few things which only take a few extra minutes out of the day, but make a big difference to my mindset.

One moment please

Your alarm goes off. You wake up. You check your phone. Immediately your brain is forced to be active from the moment you wake up in the morning. At first, transitioning from being a person who turns off my phone alarm and instantly checks my social media, was difficult. But gradually I developed into the routine of not checking my phone for a good while whilst allowing myself to adapt to the new day and wake up gradually. Instead, so not give into the temptation, try sitting up and just taking a moment to breathe. Pushing any negative thoughts away and instead think about the day in a positive light. Whether it be 2 or 5 minutes, it really helps to just focus on whats important, before allowing any other mundane thoughts to start whirring.

Dear Diary, 

Although a diary can be a great memory and reflection, not everyone finds this the most effective use of time, especially if it reminds us of parts of the day we would rather forget. Instead, it may be more beneficial to write down one word to sum up the whole day, positive or negative, but something which truly represents your emotion, or outlook on that day. You could occasionally look at them and reflect upon how that description of your day makes you feel, and what you can do in the future to avoid an unwanted feeling, or maintain that feeling.

Colouring is for all ages

Another recent discovery of mine is how relaxed colouring makes me feel.  Its something so simple but purely focusing on this helps to stop thinking about 101 things at once.

Let people in, in whatever way makes you feel comfortable

It may be that you are not ready to talk about something yet, but just telling those closest to you that this is the case makes you a step further towards opening up and sharing your feelings. This way you do not have to commit and expose your thoughts quite yet, but it makes you feel less alone. This also leads onto another reminder to ensure that you surround yourself with positive people, who understand and respect your feelings.




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