Getting the most out of thrifting: tips, & vintage shopping in London’s Brick Lane

A concept that is very ‘in’ at the moment is shopping in vintage or thrift stores, and its something I have got into a lot more recently. The other day I had a wander around Brick Lane in London and had the loveliest time browsing through all the vintage stores and taking in the street art, a perfect place to get those fab photos. I thought I’d share my experience and tips for getting the best deals when thrifting.

IMG_6470The first shop I went into was Blitz, which is actually my favourite vintage shop purely due to great amount of stock and brands that they have, also the layout of the shop with the fairy lights and posters makes it really chilled to walk round. Tip 1: due to there being a huge amount of clothes, I say to always have a wander round first before you pick up any pieces, since you can get a feel for whats there and really decide which pieces you love and want to try on, otherwise you could end up buying more than you want!

IMG_6485To follow this I was surprised at how the Rokit vintage shop was significantly smaller inside, but they had a wide range of denim, especially dungarees. Tip 2: always compare (if you can). By this I mean that you don’t have to buy from that shop straight away, most shops will allow you to hold items until the end of the day, which means you can go to different shops and see if you can get similar pieces for cheaper, just a way of saving a bit of money. On another note, the changing rooms in Rokit were interesting, and by this I mean they are FLUFFY in the BRIGHTest colours, I did feel a little intimated by the fluff if I am honest, but they were quirky!

Brick Lane Vintage was the easiest shop to find being on the main street. I felt a bit disappointed by this shop, however that is what thrifting is all about really, since sometimes you can’t find anything it all depends what they have in. However, its always worth checking the sales since they did have some nice basic pieces.

IMG_6494One of what I consider the most ‘typical vintage’ shops is Vintage Basement. All the music, records on the ceiling and disco ball, it really gave the whole retro vibe. Tip 3: consider if the price is actually reasonable for what it is, obviously some brands are pricier than others, but sometimes, especially when there is not one specific item you are searching for, these stores can take advantage of being ‘vintage.’ Just something to bear in mind.

The last shop I went to was a bit of a walk to get there, as it was based on Cheshire Street, but it was nice to walk past the cute yellow shops and street art. Beyond Retro vintage shop was  where I picked up a new jumper, which will be featuring on my Instagram soon! But they actually had 10% student discount when I went which was deffinitely a bonus. Tip 4, is regarding vintage shopping in general:  is to briefly check anything you are buying for marks, holes or if they have been poorly patched up since sometimes some defaults are not worth the money.

Happy thrifting! KJ x



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