Shopping Anxiety, is this a thing?

This is a kind of different post today, expressing my thoughts and feelings about how the various influences affect how we shop as consumers. I guess this is the Fashion Marketing interest which makes me consider these things, but one which I think many people may relate to…hopefully?

Its especially relevant this time of year, the transition from summer into Autumn, and the significant change in what fashion retailers are selling. During this transition, I consider things like; what to do with the items in my summer wardrobe, why I bought that jumper in Autumn last year since I would NEVER wear it now, and whether to buy that coat so early into the new season, when this trend from last year has likely changed.

This, partly comes from the influence of fast fashion; where clothing is made to appeal for a short amount of time (encouraging a more disposable industry) mainly in order to keep up with trends and predictions. Therefore, as a consumer, it can be daunting coming into new seasons to expect and anticipate new trends, which have not quite emerged or been established, and you don’t want to be the last one on that trend. Obviously some people are not concerned with trends and will do their own thing which is admirable, and I do too, to an extent, but I like to be wearing whats recognisably current. I consider this to be a pressure from areas such as social media, celebrities and marketing campaigns, to convince you that you DO need to buy that coat as the trend has changed and you NEED to keep up in order to be fashionable.

Personally, shopping at this time of year when there is so much choice for new styles, I want to get the pieces that I love whilst having so much choice means I can make comparisons between various retailers in which product is more preferable and tailored to my needs. But I also want them NOW. Leading to a sense of anxiety or apprehension, sometimes I would even go as far as labelling this shopping experience stressful. Being divided between your specific needs and the social pressures. A desire to be recognised as being fashionable by others also adds to this, by being on trend and having the latest items, especially with the social media platforms. Trends, I find confusing, the concept that people wish to set these trends for people to follow, yet also aiming for uniqueness and to style these trends in an original way.  Ultimately people are using the same foundation but adopting them to be unique. This makes me both be confused by, and excited by the fashion industry, its adaptability and complexity is amazing; I also know my understanding of means such as trends will be developed, especially through  blogging and social media.

So, I’m unsure as to whether calling this issue ‘shopping anxiety’ is the right way to word it, but its definitely an aspect to consider. Being overwhelmed by some great pieces out there can be stressful and sometimes I feel I would be more comfortable if there were less options, but then wouldn’t it be boring!

I’d love to hear if anyone has any thoughts on this, or if you can understand my feeling of pressure to update my seasonal wardrobe. I also hope this post makes sense, and isn’t too rambly.

Have a lovely day everyone KJ x


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