Time to brush up! My most used makeup brushes

Firstly, I’m just going to say that any of the photos in this blog, my makeup brushes are probably going to be dirty. I’m just being me on here, and I recently just washed my brushes (although it won’t look it) so felt like I can be honest and not have to clean them again, because I can’t lie, its a job I hate doing! Anyway, I have got to a point where I am SO happy with the brushes I have, and will not need more anytime soon.

I know most of the time you are meant to leave your favourites until last, but these brushes are just too gorgeous, and super cheap. They were around £3 from Amazon, and  the quality is amazing and getting 12 eye brushes for this price is just fab! They are a great dupe for the Zoeva brushes, but honestly once you use these, Zoeva will be a distant memory! I use these larger brushes for blending into the crease,



And the flat brushes I use to pack down shades, for example any glitters that need work to build up the pigment. The smaller ended brushes, I like to apply a light coloured pigment in the inner corner of my eye to make them appear bigger. And the angled brush is what I use to neaten my eyebrows.

My other favourite eyeshadow brushes are these Chic Republic brushes I got from Amazon a while back, which are great for blending, and it also helps that they are copper too!


Most of my face brushes are also from the brand Chic Republic off Amazon which came in the set with the eye brushes for around £5. Each one is a different shaped brush which makes them perfect for applying makeup to specific areas of the face. The flat ended brush is similar to a high street stippling brush, so I use this for foundation to get an even finish, then the two angled brushes are great to contour.


Then obviously, it couldn’t be a makeup brush post without mentioning those trusty Real Techniques. The 100 Arched powder brush is amazing for pressed powder, and the 101 angled brush is what I use when I want to apply more of a liquid foundation. Also the buffing brush is perfect to ensure getting an even colour of foundation all over, and the smaller brush I either use for blusher or highlight.

What is everyone’s staple makeup brushes?

KJ x




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