The importance of difference in a world of perceptions

Perception; the way in which something is interpreted or understood. Perception is subjective to every individual, and more often than not means that ideas can be wrong or based on judgement and preconceptions. This makes the world a difficult place to live in when considering how we perceive things, how others perceive us, and the perception we WANT people to have about us. All these issues can absorb us into a thought that maybe we should alter these perceptions in order to meet certain expectations, our own or those of others.

Yet, the important thing to remember is that in order to encourage the open-mindedness and ability of others to change their perceptions, it is important to stay true to yourself. By this, I mean expressing if your tastes are different to what people expect of you or embrace the fact that you might be changing as a person without worrying how people may pre-judge the reasoning behind it. I often get preoccupied by how people perceive me, I always think how amazing it would be to know what people were thinking when they first see me, or when they see a picture I post on social media. I think about how if I do something creative or not what people expect, might people start using the words ‘fake’ or that I am ‘trying too hard;’ but if I complied to the expectations of what people perceive me to be, then I would not be myself and not accurately represent myself as a person.

Therefore, the important fact is, people do and will continue to presume and predict. Perceptions can change, its up to individuals to be accepting of the difference in society, social change can only occur if difference is explored and integrated in society.

Obviously there are many angles which could be explored in this topic, but this is just my opinion and interpretation. Have a lovely day and thanks for reading!

KJ x


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