Shops, Subways and Statues-Exploring NY City

I went to New York October of 2014, and although this was 3 years ago now, it was one of the most magical experiences I cannot forget. So for anyone who has been to NY and shares my same love for the city, of if you’re someone who is, or dreams of going, here’s a little insight, into the Big City.

Ellen’s Stardust Diner

This should be a PRIORITY for anyone who visits New York. The food was amazing and it was lovely to visit such a classic American style Diner which I had never been in before, but the highlight was the fact that the waitresses and waiters would suddenly start singing, mostly songs from musicals, but any upbeat song which makes you want to join in. This was honestly one of the most exciting meals I have ever had!

Central Park

We had a horse and carriage ride around the park which was so cute as we were given fluffy blankets in order to stay warm, as well as our tour guide pointing out all the iconic locations from various Romcoms based in New York! ! We saw the Alice in Wonderland statue and also the fountain which had featured in many films. The carousel in the park was  beautifully painted and detailed and we went on it which was lovely since we were the only ones on it.

You know what time it is…

SHOPPING. So, after this trip I banned myself form shopping for a while. We went into Tiffany & Co. which is where I bought the classic Tiffany heart which I wear almost everyday, best investment I ever made. We also went into FAO Schwartz, the oldest toy shop in the US and of course the list goes on as we went into Nike, Abercrombie, Louis Vuitton, Sephora and Macys.

Would you like ice with that? Rockefeller Centre

As we went in October, the Rockefeller Centre had the Ice rink set up, the whole centre was decorated with lights and decorations so it looked so magical and I would definitely recommend going if you got the chance.

Ground Zero

It would also have seemed wrong to visit New York and not have an interest into seeing the history of the Twin Towers. We went into the museum and attended a talk on the developments during the time, it was actually quite emotional hearing about the events which took place, it also really inspiring to see how the buildings are being re constructed.

Statue of Liberty

When we went on the boat trip, luckily the weather was beautiful and sunny making the experience more pleasurable. It also helped that we made a necessary stop to Dunkin’ Donughts beforehand to pick up some ‘snacks for the journey,’ these may I add, are So good.

From dusk to dark-Brooklyn Bridge

If you are looking for incredible views, walking across Brooklyn Bridge as the sun is setting creates some gorgeous views of the NY skyline. It was a perfect opportunity to get some photographs, and to also watch the transition from day to night in the city. We then got the Subway back to experience the traditional NY mode of transport.


Obviously we visited many more places and had lots more experiences for the 5 days we were there, so I may do another post on this in the future. But I would love to hear other people’s experiences or whether NY is a dream of theirs too.

KJ x




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