Useful apps that everyone needs

I prefer not to have too many apps on my phone, since I like to keep my home screen relatviely clear so I feel more organised and not overloaded with apps that I don’t use. However, this means that the ones I do have are used on a daily basis and so I thought I would share some of the apps that I feel make life a lot easier!



I know this will not be relevant to everyone, but if you are regularly visiting Boots and own an advantage card, this is definitely worth getting. With the app you get exclusive offers which you can load to your advantage card to get more money off and extra promotional deals. I use this regularly as the offers available are actually ones to get money off for products which I would buy anyway, so getting offers for these is such a bonus.

Phone company/service provider

I know that most phone companies nowadays do have a free app which is easy to download to view all usage information and ensure you are not going over the monthly allowances of data, texts and minutes. I am especially always focusing on my 4G information, as I find myself regularly relying on this when I am out, but then suddenly worrying that I may be accumulating extra charges, luckily this app ensures that I can monitor my data allowances.


I have only just started using this app, but already know it will become one which I integrate into my daily routine to help me stick with my goals and remember to  self-care. I find this particularly useful to remind myself to take some time out and do the things I enjoy, making it such an easy way to document how I spend my time, and maintain a ‘balanced’ lifestyle.


I think this app is such a simple idea but I really love the format and how easy it is to use. I am always hearing songs which I have either never heard before, or completely forgotten the name; with this app you tap to listen to the song, and it instantly comes up with the name and artist. One of the specific features I find so useful, is that it can be connected with Spotify, to create a playlist. Every time I have used this it has been accurate and is a great way to discover new music.



This is a fitness app that provides workouts for all abilities and can be tailored to your individual needs. You can select the fitness area you wish to focus on, as well as the fitness level and time you have to spend working out. My favourite part is just how simple this app is to use and navigate around, and also the fact you can create a personal plan.

Map My Run/Walk

I am ensuring that I go for a walk or run a few times a week just to relax and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I do not work out to particularly to be ‘fit’ at the moment, but I am hoping that if I keep up my routine I may be more likely to start setting proper fitness goals. But at the moment, this app is useful just to monitor my progress and track which routes I take, since I think it is important to vary where you go for a run/walk to remain interested in what you are doing.



I just love a boomerang! This app is such  simple idea but these moving videos are so fun to create, especially when you are with you’re friends, and could literally spend hours playing around with this app.

VSCO cam

This is the app that I use to edit all my Instagram photos. My favourite filter is C1 which really enhances the vibrancy of the colours, and adds a slightly green undertone to the image. You can upgrade to the paid version to get more filters, but personally I feel that the free one has a great range of filters, and still allows you to use all the features to alter the exposure and shadows etc. A tip for using this app is that when you add images to your studio, this is a great way to test out which image look good together, ready to be posted on Instagram and ensure your feed looks exactly how you want it.

I hope this was useful to read and you might find an app to try out.

What are the apps that you find most useful? KJ x




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