OOTD: How to stay warm whilst looking ‘cool’ this autumn

I hope you liked the play on words in the title of this blog post! But this one is all about how outfits can still look fashionable and interesting even when its cold. Its so hard to tell this time of year whet the weather will be doing, especially here in the UK, and I often find that when I go out I start off wearing a cute top that I then have to cover up with a jumper that hides the top I love underneath! So I thought I would do a little OOTD post to share some layering tips; yesterday I spend the day wandering around a town and taking a boat out on the river.









To start off, can we talk about this colour- burgundy is my favourite colour, when autumn arrives, I just want burgundy everything. So, forget about wearing vests UNDERNEATH clothing, they look so damn cute on top! By this I mean that you can wear all the pretty cami and vest style tops that you cannot bear to part with after summer, by wearing them over the top of a long sleeve top; not only 1. do they keep you much warmer but 2. also mean that the top will stand out more in contrast to the top underneath.

This simple layering tip can create so much variety with the different tops worn, and especially for this season when the high neck tops can be brought back into the wardrobe to add some interest. I love this H&M striped one which would be cute under a black or coloured top, I found this forest green one from Topshop that is really autumnal.


The next layering tip is to wear BRIGHT colours, when wearing some dark jeans I just feel like a bright jumper can help you feel so much more put together. Yes we all love an oversized hoodie, but sometimes in order to feel more ‘dressy,’ a brightly coloured knit is always an alternative. I have so many knitted jumpers, I must admit I am yet to find a cable knit I think suits me, but I really like the basic knit, like the one I am wearing from H&M which is so soft, and its YELLOW!


Another tip I have is that although its very tempting to just bring out the biggest winter coats during this season, hold fire! There are some fab jackets out there at the moment, and these are a great way not to feel like a snowman just yet, but still be warm. I picked up a black suede aviator jacket for just £25 in Primark, and it is fully (faux) fur lined, meaning I can wear a lightweight top and still have the option of wrapping up in this jacket.

Its all about the sunglasses too! Whether the sun is out or not, statement sunnies can always add interest and quirkiness. My recent purchase was these black studded sunnies from Miss Guided, they were £12 (but are now £10 in the sale!!) and I love how bold they are, I feel so sassy wearing them!



White long sleeve top- Primark ‘stretchy top’ £3

Burgundy vest- H&M (Very similar) £14.99 

Yellow jumper- H&M £24.99- the one I have is the ‘raised jumper’ but its no longer being sold in the mustard, yet this one is practically identical, and cheaper!

Black skinny jeans- Matalan £16

Shoes- Primark-£3 in the sale!

Bag- Oasis (but this was from the summer season so here is a similar one)

Hopefully this provided some inspiration for how to style an autumn wardrobe! x


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  1. I realised while moving house last month that I now don’t have a single knitted jumper. My aim is to get some more this autumn! I always find it hard to find one I like though because I feel like they give me no shape at all! I’m sure I’ll find one in the end though

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