Reasons why you ARE good enough

Everyone has down days, even weeks or months. This often leads to questioning yourself and having moments of self-doubt and low confidence. So I feel its important, and especially since I am lucky enough to have my blog to connect with people, to remind you, whoever is reading this, that despite it all, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH.


This is a bit of a cliche, but if you are doing your best, that all anyone can ask of you. Ok, so sometimes you feel your best isn’t good enough but everyone has to start somewhere, and once you feel you are doing your best, it makes it much easier to progress and improve.


Your mistakes, disappointments or actions yesterday, do not determine the outcome of the next day. Everyone has moments that they dwell on negative past experiences, but this can either bring you down, or inspire you to do better the next day.


Because, if you don’t have determination to get where you want to be, no one can lead you to your goal but yourself. If you are determined, and willing-by this I mean willing to learn, listen or take advice, then you are half way there.


Never feel like you ned to apologise or feel ashamed of being yourself. You are good enough because you are quirky, unique, and you have flaws but embrace them. You are good enough, because you are you, and thats enough.

KJ x


10 thoughts on “Reasons why you ARE good enough”

  1. THIS! This is what needs to be everywhere! These days with social media it’s so much easier for boyfriends to cheat because of temptation, to look a certain way to even behave a certain way. which will cause everyone to doubt themselves or loose themselves. Even I think Ill need to read this at least once a month to realise I’m “normal” will defiantly be coming back to this on my down days!

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    1. Yes, the world is so full of self-doubt, judgement and low confidence that I really feel its important to remind people, of what really IS important. Thank you for your comment, I hope this can help you on the down days! xx

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