All things Autumn.

Are you a real blogger if you don’t get excited for Autumn? I have seen many posts recently sharing excitement and inspiration for Autumn/fall, and autumnal posts are my favourite things to read at the moment. Whether it be fashion, food or photography, they provide some fab inspiration, and just get me pretty darn excited for the season! So here is what I am looking forward to for the next few months.

Autumnal colours


In the shops I am drawn to anything which is in burgundy, mustard yellow, burnt orange or a deep green. Instagram feeds are filled with flatlays and outfit inspo featuring these colours. When scrolling through Pinterest, I found these colour swatches which I loved for both the appearance, and also I thought it shows which autumnal colours can compliment each other well, for both fashion and home decor inspiration.




At the beginning of September, I feel like I am betraying summer by becoming increasingly excited to buy cosy items. But as we reach October, I have already bought the whole of Dunelm homeware section! When I have to get up at 6am every morning, and its freezing outside of my bed, having my fluffy blankets and cushions to snuggle with really doesn’t help, however, when the evening comes its a whole different story. Light your candles, make a hot chocolate and grab a book, then get all tucked up in mountains of duvet, and it’s the perfect evening.

Autumnal evening


It goes without saying that I love autumn fashion, and new season shopping is one of my favourite way to procrastinate. To be more specific, here is some of my fashion advice about autumn fashion:

  1. You can never have too many coats
  2. Trousers (not jeans) are the way forward-the more patterned, the brighter and the more statement the better
  3. Jumpers do not have to be plain and boring -this season its all about pearled, laced detail and high neck jumpers
  4. You NEED a pair of heeled ankle boots in your wardrobe, they make any outfit instantly more sophisticated and smart
  5. BUT trainers also add some edginess and a quirky vibe


Hear me out for this one. So, it may seem like I chose this title to fit in with my alliterative headings, and yes that is partly true. But autumn really puts me in the mood to bake, especially with the Great British Bake Off to watch of an evening and Pinterest being a trap for inciting you into saving recipes which you are clearly never going to make but you ‘might do.’

Some of my favourite designs include the ย halloween inspired ones, some cute bonfire caramel cupcakes which sound amazing, and then on the right are ‘Zoella’s’ Apple Crumble cupcakes which I have made before and they taste incredible!


Hopefully, you are now as excited as I am for the season, and we can share our love for Autumn together! What is your favourite thing about Autumn? KJ x


26 Replies to “All things Autumn.”

  1. Couldn’t agree more with you in this post! I always feel so cosy inside in autumn. I’m in the middle of decorating my flat atm and it’s so hard to not just cover the place in cushions and blankets! Loved reading this xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No don’t worry I love talking about it! (I think my friends are bored to death of it now haha). The bedroom is a cool toned green with sort of a plants and jungle theme. The living room is going to be light grey and cream I think but I’m really not sure on that one at the moment xx

        Liked by 1 person

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